Trusts and Estates and Elder Law

There’s one thing we can all be sure of, and that is that we will die.  And before we die, if we’re lucky, we will get old.  There are many legal issues associated with old age and dying, especially when you consider that for many people aging and dying involve the transmission of wealth to heirs.  The lawyers who practice in the areas of elder law, trust and estate planning, and estate taxation work at large, medium and small law firms, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.  One of the appealing aspects of a practice in one of these affiliated areas is that an attorney has the opportunity to deal with clients on a very personal level, and help them realize and defend their visions of how they will leave the world and what their legacy will be.

Women's and LGBTI Rights, Gender Law

A career in gender and law can take you in many different directions. Is your passion fighting employment discrimination? Preventing domestic violence? Ending human trafficking and forced labor? Ensuring economic equality? Guaranteeing reproductive rights? Improving public policy for gay and lesbian families? Do you want to litigate? Testify on the Hill? Negotiate contracts? Mediate disputes? Work outside of the US? Work here in DC?