International Environmental Law

International environmental law has come of age in the past three decades, riveting the public’s attention with news of ozone holes, climate change, and species extinctions. International environmental law addresses the range of human economic activities and aspirations to ensure an integrated approach to sustainable development that promotes economic development, protects the global environment, and promotes social equity. Now a mature and dynamic field, international environmental law’s importance cannot be underestimated for it involves, quite literally, the fate of future generations and that of the earth. Foundational courses in our curriculum create a strong basis for pursing international environmental law. In addition, students may choose to take one or more of the key elective courses that we offer, including short courses that are included in our Summer Session on Environmental Law. Courses vary in the Summer Session, but most year the Session includes environmental courses on international institutions, international finance, environmental compliance, biodiversity and climate change. Finally, students interested in international environmental law need to be well rounded lawyers that have been exposed to other disciplines, particularly international business, administrative law, energy law, human rights and international trade and investment. 


Key Electives