International Human Rights Law

This track is for those with an interest in international human rights law practice, most probably with a non-governmental organization, but, in some instances, with an international organization, a government, or a private law firm. The practice will most likely involve policy work and/or missions and fact-finding; there are precious few positions that support work solely in systemic or impact litigation. Within the U.S. government, the most relevant agencies might be State, Justice, Homeland Security, Labor and/or offices dealing with immigration and customs (USCIS and ICE). Human rights is an area of practice closely related to domestic and international public interest or poverty law practice, as well as domestic civil rights practice, and meaningful training can be gained within any of those subject-matter areas. Our curriculum includes a number of courses that focus on particularly disadvantaged groups, or on particular geographic areas, that may be of interest. Examples are included below. 


Key Electives