Personal Injury Practice

Lawyers who specialize in personal injury law may be involved in a wide range of matters.  Many personal injury lawyers are involved in litigation.  Some tend to specialize in representing individuals or groups of individuals who have suffered harm, while others tend to specialize in representing the defendants in such lawsuits, which are often (though not always) businesses and other large organizations. Some lawyers work in smaller practice settings while others work for larger firms.  Another set of lawyers specializing in this area of the law work for public interest groups, government agencies, policy think tanks, and legal services organizations.  Personal injury practice can involve lawyers in fascinating public policy issues and deep moral debates about who should bear the costs of harm in an inextricably interconnected society in which people are pursuing sometimes conflicting activity goals.  Subjects encompassed under the scope of personal injury practice include toxic torts, class action litigation, product liability law, environmental harm, insurance reform, workplace accident law, medical malpractice, libel and defamation law, business torts, mass disasters.  Personal injury lawyers must understand a wide array of legal issues, ranging from procedure, common and statutory law doctrines, administrative law, remedies, and insurance law, as must also be conversant in varied theoretical approaches to the law including law and economics, moral philosophy, and critical legal theory approaches.


Key Electives