Criminal Law

The law school’s criminal law offerings are abundant and diverse, with many different options depending on one’s specific interests. All students are, of course, required to take the first-year criminal law course, along with criminal procedure and legal ethics.

For those interested in practice, evidence is essential, and experiential learning is strongly recommended. There are rich opportunities here, including the criminal justice clinic, related immigration clinic and domestic violence clinics, and numerous externship and internship opportunities throughout your three years at WCL.

There are also opportunities to hone your knowledge in an array of specific and related practice areas, including juvenile justice, white collar crime, law of sentencing, computer crime, domestic violence law, national security law and terrorism, among many other topic areas. Interested students should focus on those topics of particular interest to them, but also have an open mind – you never know what might interest you once you start learning about it!

Students interested in criminal law should also make sure to register with the Criminal Justice Institute, which presents interesting criminal-law-related events throughout the year, offers career counseling, and provides opportunities for networking.


Key Electives